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You did it! You're bringing maternal health care to mothers in need.

December 3rd, GivingTuesday, was a special day. People from around the world came together to celebrate and give to their favorite charities. We asked you to help us raise $5,000 for needs assessments of future projects in Uganda and Rwanda. Guess what? We exceeded that goal! You donated $6,263 toward future projects. THANK YOU!

But GivingTuesday isn't about donations, it's about people. You shared your stories with us, why you support our work, and why you want to make mothers matter in your communities. You sent us your #UnSelfies full of joy, hope and baby bumps!

We want to say thank you!

We're inviting Major Donors to partner with us for #GivingTuesday 2020! Are you interested in matching donations and bolstering your philanthropic profile? Contact us at: or call 1-709-579-6472.

Together, we CAN save lives.

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