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Postponed until 2022

MaterCare Conferences


Every other year, MaterCare hosts an international conference in Rome to bring together Catholic medical professionals, speakers, academics and health care workers from around the world. 

Upcoming Conference Theme:

Mothers are Women too- Prioritizing maternal health in the new millennium

SAVE THE DATE: September 2022, Rome

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White Masses


Too often, Catholic medical professionals feel isolated from their communities. Faced daily with increasing ethical and moral challenges to their faith, medical personnel are especially vulnerable to the process of gradualism which threatens to erode the level of care and compassion they are able to provide, as well as their own personal faith and commitment. In particular, we suggest the organization of White Masses, a tradition begun by the Catholic Medical Association in the 1930s on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes the World Day of the Sick, to occur annually in every diocese for doctors, nurses, midwives, medical students and residents.


We respectfully request and encourage all Bishops to offer an annual White Mass to show support for all health care professionals, and to offer pastoral care through an annual “date with the doctors”. 

To get started, download "How to organize a White Mass" here.

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