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Establishing My Identity in Christ


MaterCare International


12th Biennial Rome Conference

14th International Conference


September 18th -22nd, 2024


Istituto Maria Santissima Bambina

Via Paolo VI 21

Rome, Italy




On behalf of MaterCare International (MCI), we look forward to welcoming you to Italy for our 14th international conference. The conference venue, Istituto Maria Santissima Bambina (Institute of St Mary the Child), overlooks St Peter’s Basilica and Square (see photo), and offers a safe, hospitable, retreat-like environment with good conference facilities, and the best roof-top view in Rome!


The opening words of our conference theme, “I am what I do,” is a quote from MaterCare’s co-founder, the late Professor Robert Walley, emphasizing our personal responsibility for ensuring we carry out our role as authentic Catholic doctors to the very best of our ability, especially where maternal health care is concerned. To achieve this, we must establish our identity in Christ and ensure our professional expertise encompasses the “four C’s” of conviction, professional competence, community orientation, and individual compassion. These elements have been seamlessly integrated into the programme and each of the eight sessions reminds us of the beauty of our faith.


The conference is preceded by an afternoon board meeting and spiritual retreat on “Discovering my identity in Christ,” then a “Welcome” session and reception on the evening of September 19th. Eight sessions spread over September 20-21st cover the following: an overview of true personal and professional identity; an expert panel discussion of practical issues facing trainees in OB/GYN and paediatrics; a focus on what MaterCare International does; a Catholic perspective on current obstetric, paediatric and gynaecological subjects; a professional development session featuring an interactive Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) case discussion; faith and bioethics; a day in the life of a Catholic OB/GYN; and, formulation of a conference statement.


Our speakers are experts in their field and will be extensively involved in all aspects of the programme, including panel discussions. Free communications are invited and delegates encouraged to participate in two interactive sessions plus “Q & A” after every presentation. We hope that you can join us in the Eternal City for a professionally and spiritually enriching, multidisciplinary meeting.


Accommodation is available in the Institute of St Mary the Child from 18-23rd September, 2023, on request from MaterCare International.


A/Prof Elvis Šeman

Prof Bogdan Chazan

Simon Walley


PS. An audience with Pope Francis has been requested.

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