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What are the "4 C's"?

MaterCare International developed the 4 C's as a guiding commitment for Catholic physicians when working in the field of maternal health. There is a special emphasis on the importance of motherhood and the special relationship between patient and doctor in the vocation of obstetricians.

MOTHERHOOD.  To appreciate the importance of motherhood in our contemporary world at least four complementary approaches must be envisaged by those in whose professional expertise this responsibility lies. 

FIRSTLY, the Catholic physician must be professionally  COMPETENT, in all the skills associated in caring for mothers. Legal and social aspects are a fundamental part of the doctor's and midwife’s remit. This is what the law, society and the Church rightly expect of them.

SECONDLY, the Catholic obstetrician must have the CONVICTION that Catholic teaching on ethics, magisterially guided, is not only true, but totally beneficial for the patients requiring medical assistance within the scope of his or her competency.

THIRDLY, this involves the Catholic obstetrician’s appreciation of the nature of society at large and of each particular local COMMUNITY within it. Motherhood is foundational for the flourishing of every society, and for every individual community, which is a constituent part of that society. 

FOURTHLY, the Catholic obstetrician must appreciate that motherhood is so fundamental to human existence that profound COMPASSION is necessary. This involves compassion for all mothers and families, believers or not, who suffer to beget and bring up their children.

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