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We say thank you to Dr. Robert Quigley!

Over the decades, MaterCare has had many wonderful members, dedicated volunteers, and participants who ensured we can continue to serve mothers. Today, we thank a very special member, Dr. Robert Quigley, DDS. Dr. Quigley retired from our board almost a year ago. He has been with MaterCare since its inception, providing us with office space to enable our day to day operations in Newfoundland.

One of Dr. Robert Walley's very best friends, he was, after Susan, our #1 supporter and the sounding board for many ideas and initiatives, always willing to ask questions to enable refinement of the plan. We're eternally grateful to Dr. Quigley and his partner, Libby, for their generosity and continued support. The couple attended many MaterCare conferences in Rome.

Though retired from the board, we appreciate Dr. Quigley's continued participation in MaterCare International. We keep you in our prayers of thanksgiving always.

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