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Merry Christmas!

Motherhood has special significance for all Christians and for Christian obstetricians and midwives, who are privileged to serve the co-creators of new life.Therefore, there is a special responsibility to provide care for mothers and their babies, based on life and hope, especially when life threatening complications arise for either or both of them. All mothers could have some special share or deeper appreciation of the mystery of the Incarnation, completed through the faithful acceptance of St Mary's role by the greatest of all mothers and at the most wonderful of all births, through their own pregnancy and birthing experiences.Indeed they may also have a special understanding of Her suffering at the foot of the Cross when that sword prophesied by Simeon pierced her heart, when She lost her Son. Motherhood in Christian tradition since Mary's faithful Fiat became a part of God's new covenant with humanity. It is therefore the gift of humanity of such fundamental importance, that it must be cherished and served in special ways appreciating its dignity as a key to healthy families and societies.

This Christmas, let us prepare the way of the Lord, sharing God's gifts of love and compassion with those most in need. Let us embody the Holy Mother's "yes" to the Holy Spirit and be His hands and feet in our world. Wishing you and your families a blessed, safe and healthy Christmas, The MaterCare Team

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