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MCI Welcomes Dr. Albert Stuart Reece

MaterCare International is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Albert Stuart Reece to our 2019 Rome Conference programme.

Dr. Reece is Professor of Medicine at the University of Western Australia and Edith Cowan University in Perth.

His Rome Conference presentation is entitled "Cannabis as the New Thalidomide".


Cannabis use is linked with increased rates of likely at least 27 congenital defects mainly affecting the cardiovascular, central nervous, chromosomal, face, body wall and limb systems and also four congenital and inheritable cancers, and eight adult cancers. These effects have been documented in several communities including Colorado, Hawaii, USA, Canada and Queensland in Australia.

Cannabinoids act on the body through eight cannabinoid receptors through numerous signaling systems including notch, epigenomics and the pro-inflammatory pro-aging process of dumping double stranded genomic DNA into the cytoplasm where it is highly immunogenic and is linked with cell death, aging, cancer formation, metastasis induction and congenital defects including mental retardation. Many cannabinoids are highly toxic to sperm, ova, stem cells, embryos, foetuses, adolescents, brains, and male and female adults with serious genotoxic and epigenotoxic effects on the reproductive systems in both sexes. These significant and concerning genotoxic and mutagenic effects though increasingly defined in the literature have not been factored into the public debate on cannabis legalization which is driven by investor self-interest globally against the public good.

As such these issues form a classical pro-life issue where the Church’s assistance and advocacy for the impoverished and downtrodden against global financial and business interests is urgently needed and earnestly and eagerly requested. The church is likely the best hope for the world’s poor and the coming generations alike.

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