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ZACCHAEUS (LK 19:1-10)

"The present pope (Francis) has an extraordinary sensitivity for the need of mercy and forgiveness. He is being accused of not honouring the traditional faith of the Church because of his welcoming approach. There is no doubt that he eschews the trappings of riches and power. He took the name of the patron of the poor. But many are poor because of the sorrows of their life. The pope seems to be trying to encourage everyone to feel sympathy for the folk who might just feel that they are beyond help. We all are too well acquainted with our own family problems and personal difficulties to feel superior to anyone. Most reasonable people will wish for some moral standards. That is the fascinating aspect of Zacchaeus. He always knew the standards but now he honours them in practice- the little man is presented by St.Luke as an excellent example of what it is like finally to get things right and be at peace."

Father Richard Taylor has been the honorary Spiritual Advisor to MCI for over 12 years.

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