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"Underrated motherhood" Nasz Dziennik in Poland covers Dr. Robert Walley's keynote

Admittedly, the so-called women's day, emphasizes their rights in all fields, but makes a fundamental reduction. - When one talks about equality, inclusion or justice, one rarely hears the notion of "motherhood" essential for humanity. Her role is rejected and underestimated by contemporary women's movements - noted prof. Walley. - This is because in the West motherhood has been reduced to a choice that shifts the threshold of responsibility. In this sense, a woman decides on motherhood herself and must face the consequences of this choice herself. Mothers are often ignored in the public debate on women's rights. It is assumed that continuing pregnancy is also a matter of choice and women are responsible for how they decide and what will result - says the founder and the executive director of the MaterCare International organization.

Read Dr. Walley's full keynote address here>>

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