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The Good Samaritan: Luke 10:25-37

As children, from the old catechism question who is my neighbour? we used to recite the answer: ‘My neighbour is all mankind without any exception of persons, even those who injure us or differ from us in religion’

St. Luke’s answer to the question is the presentation of today’s parable of Jesus. [...]

Compassionate love cannot be limited by the safeguards of custom or law. We need the realism of history to show us that self-sacrificial love is practicable. What Jesus asked for he did; what was asked of his most faithful disciples eventually they did. Had we not had some real experience of this kind of love in our own lives how could we go on believing and professing our faith? Is it not true that all of us have in our own time of great need been helped by a good Samaritan? Selflessness stimulates us and fidelity reassures us. Our presence here at Mass shows our willingness to want to be like Our Lord. We want to share his life with fellow believers who can be competent, faithfully committed, community minded and compassionate.

Rev Richard J. Taylor

Spiritual Advisor

MaterCare International

Boarbank Hall, Cumbria, UK

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