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The Baptism of Jesus

In our families and communities we appreciate once more those who mirror Jesus best. The text from The Acts of the Apostles puts its realistion idealistically: “None called anything his own. They shared all things in common” (4:32). Unrealistic, yes, but inspirational too… we are greatly helped by those who strive for such ideals. And how can we possibly live without ideals?

Supported by the example of the splendid people who have helped us and still do, we are encouraged to believe in humanity at its best - the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. The Baptism of Jesus manifested this. We are here together as a community at prayer to celebrate this - and give each other the sign of peace as commitment to what we share in common. And despite appearances to the contrary, and massive adverse criticism, each local community, and the Church at large, is dedicated to being the presence of Christ in the world: preaching, healing, reconciling- showing people that we really do love them. Happy Feast! Amen.

Rev Richard J. Taylor

Spiritual Advisor , MaterCare

Boarbank Hall, Cumbria, UK

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