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MaterCare Celebrates Fr. Richard Taylor's Diamond Jubilee!

May 27th, 2021, Rev. Richard "Dixie" Taylor will celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of his ordination. - 60 years as a priest is a wonderful achievement. The celebration will take place with the Sisters in Boarbank Hill, England.

Rev. Richard J. Taylor has served as the Spiritual Advisor for MaterCare International (Canada) for many years. You will find our collection of Rev. Taylor's homilies and writings available here.

A Newman scholar, Father Taylor has devoted his life to joyful proclamation of the Gospel through his written work and his life of faith. We celebrate this achievement of 60 years fulfilling the vocation of the priesthood!

Enjoy watching Father Taylor speak on "Conscience and Blessed John Henry Newman" from our 2015 Rome conference below.

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