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Everyone to whom much is given…will much be required (Lk 12:48)

Excerpt from the full homily from Father Richard Taylor.

The History of the Church

In our own day here in the West, no one should deny that faith is under pressure. The personal and sociological evidence for this is everywhere apparent. It is sad when external pressure gestates internal dissension. Many people are experiencing this just now- and probably none more profoundly than the present pope. But the history of the Church is a great help – analogous to the history of Judaism and the early Church attested in today’s readings. Time and again the Church has shown its capacity to renew itself from within. The Councils of the Church have shown this.

In the past it may be said that political forces had much to do with the success or failure in convening these councils. But such forces did not control their content. Exemplary practising believers among all ranks of the Church brought about the reforms that were needed for the continued mission in fidelity to the Master- selfishness and sanctity.

It always takes time and patience, love and compassion. How important St. Luke thought poverty and prayer to be in pursuing this discipleship. Conversion of minds and hearts are necessary when institutional changes have to be made. Who at any level is not in need of conversion of heart and generosity of spirit? We only live in a local community and that is where we experience it.

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