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Day 4: Rome Conference

The morning of our final conference day focused on human sexuality and transgenderism. This included a presentation on Chastity and Celibacy from Father George Woodall. You will find video excerpt from that presentation available at:

The afternoon focused on our duty to uphold the dignity of the human person. Fiorella Nash gave us a powerful presentation on the value of women as God's daughters where she stated, "Inevitably – if unfortunately – a woman’s understanding of her own dignity and her own place in the history of salvation, will be heavily influenced by those she encounters. And in a society where we are losing any sense that there even is such a thing as womanhood, it is imperative that as Catholics, we do not let women down. Because a key part of our understanding of the complementarity of the sexes, is that we appreciate the extent to which the dignity of women is enriched by men as well as by other women."

We also had the pleasure of greeting a special guest, 2 year old Zayn Walley. Zayn was born two years ago and shortly after diagnosed with Down Syndrome. We are so very grateful to Zayn and his parents for presenting at our conference, it was a true gift!

Dr. Robert Walley, MaterCare's Executive Director, closed the conference with a presentation on MaterCare's Project Isiolo and opened the floor for discussion and comment. A final statement is being drafted and will be published shortly incorporating the feedback we have received. Thank you! Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any comments, questions or concerns.

To our conference presenters and participants, we are so grateful for your friendship and community. We look forward to connecting with you all again soon.

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