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Climate and poor road conditions continue to play a role in maternal health

When we think about our global climate and maternal health, we might not see obvious connections, but the impact on safe deliveries and access to care is real.

Nyabwina is a beautiful region in Uganda with lush green jungle surrounded with scenic mountains running along the entire region. The roads are very poor especially during the rainy season. Flash flooding and runoff from the mountains can wipeout villages very quickly. This makes access to our project for essential maternity care services in Nyabwina, Mbarara Region, Uganda unpredictable and is why further investments are needed in infrastructure.

"There are incidents where the ambulance reached a certain place and had to return as the road was blocked due to vehicles stuck in the mud.

Many cases come to our facility which need immediate attention and care. [...] It’s a struggle to face challenging situations specially when it comes to lifesaving of mothers and children. One of the difficulties are the dreadful roads in villages.

We are placed in a challenging place for the mission of Our Lord. During this New Year, we hope for the better, as we wait for your visit and welcome your advice for giving better services to our mothers and children.

Many cases are taken good care as the facility was upgraded by your [MaterCare's] help. Thank you for that and we remain grateful to you always." Sr. Lincy Augustine, Uganda.

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