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A Glimpse into childbirth in Ruhango

Ruhango, with its verdant hills and vibrant communities, is emblematic of the beauty of Rwanda. However, like many rural areas in developing countries, it faces challenges in providing adequate healthcare, particularly for expectant mothers. Limited access to healthcare facilities and inadequate resources often exacerbate the risks associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

The Toll of Maternal Health Challenges

The repercussions of neglecting maternal health are profound and far-reaching. Maternal mortality, a tragic consequence of inadequate healthcare, not only robs families of their loved ones but also undermines the social and economic fabric of communities. In Ruhango, where women play pivotal roles in the household and community, the loss of a mother can have devastating consequences for entire families.

Furthermore, the health of mothers directly impacts the well-being of their children. Maternal complications can lead to adverse birth outcomes, including low birth weight and neonatal mortality, perpetuating a cycle of poor health and poverty.

Empowering Mothers, Empowering Communities

Investing in maternal health is not merely a matter of healthcare but a catalyst for sustainable development. By ensuring access to quality prenatal and obstetric care, we empower mothers to lead healthier lives and nurture thriving families. This, in turn, fosters stronger communities and paves the way for future generations to flourish.

In March of 2024, Project Ruhango safely delivered 31 babies with the help of 8 health officers and 17 skilled midwives.

We're proud to be a part of collective action to provide maternal health care in Ruhango.

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