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Normand Peladeau

Project Manager (Kenya)

"In November 2009, Normand and Sheila returned to Canada. The following year, Normand was back in Kenya because of a contract with Dr. Walley of Matercare International to oversee the construction of this hospital in Isiolo. By the middle of 2010, Sheila joined him in Isiolo. In the late summer, they both returned to Canada because the project was held up. In early spring 2012, they were back. This time Normand is determined to complete his involvement in this project. Although the new hospital has been officially opened some final touch ups are needed.


The construction of this hospital responds to a great need. Isiolo is a town on the edge of the desert about 30 kilometers north of Meru. The apostolic vicariate of Isiolo covers an area of 25505 square kilometers, with an altitude varying from 1,104 meters above sea level to 1,697. The region is semi-arid with sandy soil covering the biggest area because of perennial drought. The pastoralists keep on moving from one area to another in search of water and pastures for the animals. The region suffers from extreme weather scenarios that hardly support crops; hence many depend on relief."


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