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MaterCare is an organization of Catholic health professionals dedicated to the care of mothers and babies. MCI’s mission is to carry out the work of Evangelium Vitae (the Gospel of Life) by improving the lives and health of mothers and babies, both born and unborn, through new initiatives of service, training, research, and advocacy designed to reduce the tragic levels of abortion world-wide and maternal and perinatal mortality, morbidity in developing countries.  


MaterCare's message for the 27th World Day of the Sick 

This February 11th, 2019, as we reflect on the World Day of the Sick, let us all be reminded of the centrality of practicing works of mercy to the call of discipleship and seek out ways in which we can give of ourselves to those weakest among us.

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Featured Project: Kenya


MaterCare International in partnership with the Apostolic Vicariate of Isiolo, Kenya started Project Isiolo: a Comprehensive Rural Obstetrical Services and Training Program in February 2009 with a ground breaking ceremony and blessing. Kenya has one of the highest maternal mortality and morbidity rates in Africa. There are virtually no obstetricians, nurses, or midwives serving this vast central and northern region of Kenya where mortality rates are even higher. The purpose of the project is to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity. MaterCare International has constructed a maternity hospital in Isiolo. The newly operating MaterCare maternity hospital in Isiolo, Kenya may be the first hospital in the world to be named after the Pope John Paul II after Pope Francis proclaimed him a saint on Sunday, April 27th, 2014. The hospital, which serves rural women and children, has been operating since 2013. The number of patients being cared for at the hospital continues to grow, from 1,850 patients over the age of 5 in 2013 to 3,535 patients over the age of 5 in 2014.

Mothers Matter: February 2019

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Mothers Matter is our monthly eNewsletter. This month's edition focused on showing God's love through acts of charity and mercy. It's a great way to focus on what love is for us on this Valentine's Day!   Excerpts from our February...