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Official Statement: Joint Statement on the Matić Report

Statement on the Matić Report

Forum of Catholic-inspired Organizations

Participants in the Thematic Expert Groups on Family, Health and Human Rights

On Wednesday, June 23rd the European Parliament will vote on the Matić Report that seeks to establish abortion as a human right in the European Union.

No such human right exists. As Catholic-inspired Organizations, we stand united in our opposition to any proposal that would violate the sacred dignity of human life from conception until natural death. Abortion eliminates an innocent human life and has grave physical and psychological consequences for women who undergo it, and harmful consequences for those who procure it. Moreover, this proposal would undermine the right of conscientious objection, which is essential to true progress and equality in our societies.

For these reasons and more, we call for the rejection of this report. We call for the defense of the right to life for the most vulnerable of our societies, the integral health of our women and families, and the conscience rights of health care professionals.

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