Project Isiolo

Project Isiolo provides a much needed hospital for high risk mothers. The modest centre, located in the centre and at the crossroad of Kenya, is fully equipped and staffed to provide Level 1 obstetrical services. The project also provides emergency transport and communication. The roads in the region are difficult to travel and require a fully equipped 4 X 4 ambulance to get mothers who require life saving services. Satellite phones and radios will link up villages to nursing stations and to the maternity hospital.

MaterCare International provides training courses for TBAs (traditional birth attendants) and midwives to refer high risk mothers to the maternity hospital where they can be monitored by doctors and nurses. These mothers stay in maternity waiting homes located in the hospital compound, these structures are called manyattas

The cost for the full project over 5 years is almost US$ 5 million. Today, we have raised over US$620 000 from generous donors, women's organizations, a few foundations, the States of Guernsey (Channel Islands), and the Italian Episcopal Conference of Bishops. Government and government aid agencies have not contributed at all. We constantly apply but are constantly rejected. From our visits and from the experience of local TBAs and midwives- there are no services for mothers and they continue to suffer and die. Project Isiolo is a solution to this ongoing neglect. 

Latest Project Isiolo Brochure for the St. John Paul II MaterCare Maternity Hospital is available here (Sep. 2017, English)

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2015 Project Milestones and Construction Updates:

  • The hospital hosts a Breastfeeding Awareness week annually, bringing in women and their families from across the region for support and educational seminars on the benefits of breastfeeding.

  • The remaining 460 metres of security fencing around the hospital compound have been completed.  

  • The completion of the laundry and kitchen facility.  

  • Completion of a doctor’s on-call apartment.

  • Completion of a 20,000 litre underground water tank system that will collect rainwater for use around the hospital exterior.

  • Maintenance of solar water pumps and solar water heaters was completed.


Current Status

2016 will see the completion of various support structures for the St. John Paul II MaterCare Maternity hospital compound. However, there are additional supporting structures required for the hospital compound which will begin construction once funds are raised.

For 2016-2017, MCI plans to build and develop the basement of the laundry and kitchen, which is large enough for administrative offices, stores, small conference hall at one end and a workshop and storage at the other end.  This will be temporary until proper facilities can be funded and constructed.

Future construction will include:

  • proper nurses and doctors accommodation and housing

  • a fistula operating room and recovery ward separate from the maternity hospital

  • a large training facility

  • Ante-natal clinic/administrative/office building.

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(Photo: St. John Paul II MaterCare Maternity Hospital, Isiolo)

Project Update: June 8, 2015, Patient Statistics

Project Update: May 19, 2012, "Hospital in Isiolo opens today"

View the latest brochure on Project Isiolo here (updated, Aug. 2017)