Official Statement: Garissa Tragedy


MCI was deeply saddened to learn of the senseless and cruel attack on the young Christian students at the       Garissa University College.  The loss to the parents, families of their, children and to Kenya of so many future   teachers is immeasurable and we send our sincere condolences and prayers.  

This tragedy occurred as the Easter Tridium began and the Blessed Mother followed her son to his death on Calvary.   It was her “yes” to the Angel’s invitation to bear the Son of God that brought about the Incarnation.   Hers was the most intimate of relationships that any human being has had with God when she nourished and nurtured His Son in her womb.  Perhaps we can say that all mothers share in this intimacy of creation in a very distinctive way and the mothers of those so brutally murdered at Garissa , share in a particular way the suffering of the Blessed Mother at the foot of the cross as  they too have lost their babies.  For all these mothers we remember with special prayers

MCI is committed to caring for the mothers of the Apostolic Vicariate of Isiolo.


May all who died Rest in Peace


Drafted on 06/04/2015 by 

Dr R. L. Walley

Founder and Executive Director, MaterCare International

Professor Emeritus, Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Dr Elvis Seman

Chair, MaterCare Australia

Head of Urogynaecology,  Flinders Medical Centre

Senior Lecturer (honorary, Flinders University, South Australia 


Dr Bogdan Chazan

Chair, MaterCare Poland

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Warsaw, Poland