Statement in support of the “Zatrzymaj aborcję” (“Stop abortion”) bill in Poland

Current legislation in Poland allows abortion under any one of three circumstances; danger to the mother's health, rape or incest, and when prenatal tests show serious illness of disabilities in the unborn child. The recommendations of the recent “Zatrzymaj aborcję” (“Stop abortion”) bill would outlaw abortion in the third instance. According to Life Site News, the recommendations are a “‘citizens’ project” signed by over 830,000 Polish citizens and supported by the Catholic Church in Poland.”  The bill was directed for consideration to the Commission of the Parliament (Sejm) and independently to the Constitutional Tribunal.

Despite media outlets primarily covering the small fraction of opposition to this bill, the overwhelming majority of Polish people, including Polish women, are in favor of it. The Polish government has been stalling on the bill, feeling pressure from outside governments (EU) abortion agencies and large amount of funding from pro-abortion individuals who wish to impose their will, rather than upholding and following the democratic voice of its own people. MaterCare International supports the bill, which is also supported by the Polish people.


Dr. Robert Walley, Executive Director of MaterCare International

Ph: 1-709-579-6472