Challenging Current and Ongoing Policy Changes to Practitioner Rights

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February 15, 2018- MaterCare International (MCI) supports challenges and objections to the many national and international policy changes that are attempting to erode practitioner's human right to practice according to their consciences and those which violate the doctor/patient relationship. Among these are; the recent Ontario Divisional Court Ruling to uphold a policy that requires physicians to act against their religion and conscience; the current plans of the World Medical Association (WMA) to introduce two policy changes to facilitate worldwide abortion and euthanasia again by curtailing doctors’ conscientious objection; and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) Professional Obligations and Human Rights policy requiring physicians and surgeons to make referrals when their consciences will not allow them to cooperate  with a particular procedure or treatment. These policies require challenging, and supportive statements from national and international groups will encourage physicians to have  the courage to stand up for their  moral and ethical convictions.


As medical organizations, we must represent them as a community of practitioners and supporters who uphold the dignity of human life, because these practitioners simply will not legally, especially in Canada, be able to continue in their professions and practice their faith. Ultimately, it will be patient care, the understaffed hospitals and clinics, and those who most need medical care who will suffer.


MCI wishes to join the voices of the following organizations who have issued official statements in support of conscience rights and protecting the covenant relationship between doctor and patient:





We ask others, and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, to do the same and support these organizations and the physicians they represent.


Dr. Robert Walley

Executive Director, MaterCare International (MCI)


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