Save the 8th: Vote "NO" on May 25th

Ireland will hold a referendum on May 25th, the vote will ask Irish citizens whether they want to retain the Eighth Amendment of the constitution, which recognises the equal right to life for mothers and unborn children during pregnancy and is the main protection for the unborn child. MaterCare International (MCI) believes that if repealed this protection will be lost. Added to this the recent Supreme Court decision in disagreeing that the unborn child has other rights which are conferred after birth will introduce a process of gradualism to allow for abortion on demand at all stages of intrauterine life. This has begun with the Irish government's proposal for a law for the regulation of termination of pregnancy which promises legislation to permit abortion on demand up to twelve weeks of gestation. As this process develops, early abortion will become a method of birth control, using over the counter abortifacients, the law will be extended in due course to permit abortion for “hard cases”, e.g. Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida etc. and then later in pregnancy. As a consequence, this will result in serious unintended consequences for the medical, midwifery and nursing professions, and hospitals as historical and my own empirical evidence has shown in other jurisdictions. [...]


By voting to retain the eighth amendment to the constitution the Irish people will become the last bastion of hope for the unborn and an example for the world.


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