Dr. Walley awarded by CCRL for work

The Catholic Civil Rights League (CCRL) chose MaterCare founder, Dr. Robert Walley, as winner of 2017's Archbishop Adam Exner Award for Catholic Excellence in Public Life. Dr. Walley responded that he was hounered to receive the award but did so on behalf of everyone associated with the work for the Church done by MaterCare International. Those who have had the opportunity to meet Dr. Walley, know that he is a living embodiement of his convictions, and that he has continued to be a beacon of hope to mothers around the world who still receive inadequate health care. 

CCRL President Phil Horgan confirmed the League’s selection: "In the many years of the work of MaterCare International, Dr. Robert Walley has been a shining light, and a true ambassador for Christ and His Church. MaterCare International has developed maternal and infant care projects in numerous developing nations, building hospitals and maternal care centres."

In an interview with the Catholic Register, Dr. Walley explained;

“Since 1981 I’ve been doing something about the number of women who die in Africa” due to a lack of access to “essential obstetrics,” said Walley, who earned his medical degree in London in 1964. “Where one or two would die in Canada per 100,000 live births, there about 790 per 100,000 would die. That is a horrendous difference.

“Over there, they don’t get anything. (Often) they deliver in their village and if they are lucky they’ll get a non-trained traditional birth attendant, that means a woman in the village. There is usually no way of getting to specialist care or trained care.”

The MaterCare team is delighted to be recognized by Dr. Walley in his acceptence of this award for his contiuned service. 


Dr. Walley with CCRL Board

Dr. Walley (right) with CCRL Board Members