We are Easter people

He who underwent death is alive to endless ages (Rev 1:18). After the sorrow and contemplation of Good Friday, we have the joy of Easter.

Though tragedies continue to unfold in countries throughout the world, we are encouraged to live in our own communities as loving sisters and brothers. At Easter especially we experience the tradition and history and actuality of the faith we profess. We are following in a wonderful tradition of goodness as we try to live as a community of reconciliation and love.

Gratitude and thanks are uppermost in our minds at this time of the year. And so we celebrate joyously, wearing our best apparel, and putting beautiful flowers everywhere, and eating and dinking gladly. And praying for all.

In the midst of darkness and death, the Resurrection promises new life. Easter is a time of celebration. Paul tells us to “put off the old person” and to “put on the new”. This Easter, let’s put on the new person, conform ourselves to Christ, who is in solidarity with the poor and the marginalized, of whom mothers are among the most neglected.